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Our commitment, our passion

par Rodolphe (24/01/2010)

Our vineyards

Only a perfectly healthy grapes and couples can lead to high quality wine.

While the area is implemented to achieve this goal.

While controlling the conduct of the vines throughout the year, choosing the size to use reflective treatment to preserve the integrity of soils and soils typical of the diversity of wildlife and flora on the paddocks.

Each parcel is treated independently of others according to their needs.

Elevage Wine

All our wines are made from our grapes, vinified and aged in our cellar.

Depending on the year, weather observed throughout the growing season, and especially the period of maturation of the grapes, depending on the evolution of the maturity of the grapes, the quality of the grapes, the terroir, each vineyard is harvested by date selected by the type of wine you want, either by machine or by hand.

Each parcel is harvested and vinified separately, using the technique most appropriate to the potential of the grapes grown on this land, either by traditional vinification of ten to twenty days to extract flavors and tannins, or vinification at low temperature preserve the maximum fruity wine, either by carbonic maceration to offer the incomparable flavors, or under the desires and wishes to develop tests that the winemaker to bring you more pleasure in each bottle.

Each tank is followed, eaten every day for the wine to adapt their technical course at the right time and enjoy the full potential of each parcel and each grape variety.

During breeding, become weekly tastings, to final assembly before bottling wines that you are then offered.

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